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Okay, so the lid flew off the cruxtruder and onto Candice's bed. And this glowing sky blu orb floats out. Candice started playing with it, and the whole time, I'm like Candice, stop messing with the orb. I mean, thats all I was thinking about. I couldn't even muster up a What is this orb, why is it here, what does it do? No. I take this orb for granted, and just accept it as the norm. I never do that. I freak out when I discover an NPC in Dark Souls I've never seen before. Like, OH GOD A NEW ENEMY I BET HE USES PYROMANCY IM GOING TO DIE AND LOSE MY SOULS!!!!. Not, "oh, an NPC." That probably doesn't make any sense. At all. Gah, I'm losing it. This like the end of that Stephen King book, where the guy talks about his genius brother who drives the entire human race into madness. What is that book called? I can't focus until I remember.

..........****. I can't remember it. So.....

I google it. "steven king short story about the guys genius brother" Misspelled "Stephen." First result: The end of the Whole Mess. Yeah, thats it.

" I have a Bobby his nayme is bruther and I theen I am dun riding and I have a bocks to put this into thats Bobby sd full of quiyet air to last a milyun yrz so gudboy gudboy everybrother, Im goin to stob gudboy bobby i love you it wuz not yor falt i love you forgiv yu love yu"

Jeez, thats what I sound like? God. That made me cry. I haven't cried since....yeah. Her. But this time wasn't that bad. I only cried for several minutes. Not because it was bad, but because it was sad, and I would probably end up like that at "The End of this Whole Mesa". Way to be theactical, Vinnie. STOP TALKING IN THE SECOND PERSON! Gah, I'm losing it broseph. Broseph? What am I, some metrosexual hipster? Keep it together, Vinnie. AGH- Oh, wait, Candice just did something. Her orb is now a panda bear head. Thats cute. Wait. What? Someone is in the front. Oh wait....Candice' Is coming up the walkway. Oh. If he sees the mess I made, he'll flip. And Candice will get grounded....I guess I should stop him before she gets in trouble. Or at least distract him until she finishes with SBURB madness. I scroll over to the kitchen. Nothing cool here. Wait, I've got a good feeling about Mr. Gryson's room.

I look in there. Score. Model cars, posters, and lots of knick knacks. Ugh. Lots of junk....why do Americans freak out about cars so much? They get you from place to place. Thats it. Cars do not "purr" or "sing" ....they drive. I should go into the- Wait, I got a new idea! I open the window, and send his posters flying out. The wind picks them up, and brings them right out front. Mr. Greyson sees his prized posessions flying away, and scurries off to catch them. Success! But I want more.....the model cars! I roll them all over the floor and under the bed, and into the hallway. Scattered everywhere. So now, when he comes back to hang his posters, he will have a mess to clean up too! Its the perfect crime.

Mr. Aladdin sir! Have a wish or two or three!