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Kayla and Holly

Rosemary looked up at Meep and giggled. She jumped up and took the bag from Fluffernut. "I need to take this to Kayla myself!", she said, dragging the bag over to where everybody was. She blinked a little when she saw everybody floating. I leave for one second... , she thought, putting the bag down. Jasmine looked down at Rama and growled. "Why you little...",she muttered. Yuri bit down on Jasmine's tail and sighed. "Calm down, Jasmine. Besides, when did you started caring about Kayla?",she asked. Jasmine looked back at Yuri and huffed out fire. "Shut up, Yuri.",she said. Kayla sighed and shrugged. "There she goes...",she said. Holly stared at Ellie wide-eyed. Kayla looked over at her confused until she remembered that Holly had never saw any pokemon outside of the Unova region. She reached into her pocket and took out a piece of paper. "Here's your room number.",she said. Holly stopped staring at Ellie and looked at Kayla. "Thank you...",she said. "Wait... why do you have my room number?!", she yelled. "Someone had to bring your stuff here... Amy didn't think you could carry it all.",Kayla said. Holly looked at her and got mad, her cheeks flushing red. "Why does that mean?! I'm not exactly ten years old anymore!",she yelled. Kayla looked at Holly and giggled. "Calm down, Holly. They just worry about you. Besides... you do still look... young.",she said. Holly puffed out her cheeks and frowned. "... Fine. Just give me the paper.",she said. Kayla handed her the paper, still giggling a little. "OK my room number is... fifteen.", she said, still frowning.
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