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Victoria watched Kelsey walk away briefly before turning her attention to the sunset that she had pointed out. The look of childlike endearment on Kelsey’s face was infectious and Victoria had to admit, even in her less than perfect vision it was quite beautiful. She sat there a few moments longer reflecting on the hectic events that had led up to this moment. She turned her head and saw the commotion of a man and his Kadabra cutting down some trees.

It took Victoria a second before she figured out what he was up to, and she had to admire his quick thinking and resourcefulness. She quickly recalled her now slumbering Vulpix and Hippopotas to their Pokeballs and left Archie resting on her head. She stood up shakily, her legs having fallen asleep as she was seated. Quickly brushed off the seat of her pants and approached the young man. The first thing she noticed was the most peculiar color of his hair and how it contrasted with his dark blue eyes. Another girl was in view now, looking to be talking to the boy herself. Victoria couldn’t help but wonder now how many people there actually were here.

Victoria adeptly dodged the now pseudo construction zone that the Kadabra had created. She approached the boy and mentally composed herself for a moment. “Uhm, hi? I’m Victoria.” She called out. “It kind of looks like you’re building a shelter, is there anything I can do to help?” She asked hesitantly digging her heels into the sand.
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