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Bliss sighed, watching the boy walk away towards some other girls. She would have followed to join them, but she wanted to be alone. She would join them when she felt she was ready to interact. Bliss walked near the water, staring out into the sunset. Grace and Free-Free followed, but Freequa kept her distance away from the sea, as Bliss started to talk to herself.

"How are we going to get home? I knew I shouldn't have left Goldenrod..." she said to herself, "I wonder if the wreck is on the news yet? Have dead bodies washed up on this island? Poor mother, I bet she's worried sick about me. But even if I do return to Johto, I still can't visit Goldenrod. I'm too afraid of her reaction..." Grace and Free-Free had heard all of this, and their concern grew for their trainer. They hugged her, trying to comfort.

"But I still have you guys, don't I?" Bliss chuckled, looking behind her as Freequa was laying down some feet away. She also noticed some trees being cut down, and the boy she interacted with a bit earlier on. Bliss narrowed her eyes towards Freequa, then looked upwards. Not a cloud in sight, and some stars had began to appear. She looked again at the other girls, one of them had approached the boy. Bliss shook her head, then walked over to the two of them, her Pokemon following.

"We can handle trees with ease," Bliss said, then smirked. "Freequa, use flamethrower!" The said Typhlosion used it's attack, burning through the trees trunks. Many of them fell to the ground, some still had a bit of fire around them but eventually burned out.
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