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Seated upon Victoria’s head, Archie woke with a fright; ever alert to the cacophony of noise now unraveling itself around him. “Chen! Chen!” He shrieked. Victoria snatched him in her hands stroking his beak. “No, no, no, it’s ok,’s ok I promise.” Archie visibly relaxed into her grasp though still clearly distressed. The other girl had appeared and used flamethrower on a forest full of trees and other combustible foliage. Victoria couldn’t believe it, however she had to give credit that a few of the trees did fall conveniently.

The boy named Vincent turned to the other girl and began to verbally berate her, but his Kadabra seemed to intervene before he completely lost it. Victoria hadn’t realized that she herself had tightened her grip on Archie in response to the tension that now permeated the air. She slowly released Archie being careful not to hurt him. “Hey Archie, how would you like to help out real quick?” She asked him calmly. “Chen?” He responded eagerly. “By the looks of it, you are one of the few who can fly around this place, would you mind seeing if you could find some sort of food or maybe water while I collect these leaves? Just please be back before dark. Ok?” He looked at her quizzically for a moment processing the request and then staring out into darkening forest before him. “Ch-Chen.” He nodded in agreement hesitantly.

“Don’t worry buddy, I have faith in you, it’ll be ok. If you run into anything scary just come right back here ok?” Victoria added stroking his beak one last time placing him on her arm like a falconer would. She thrust her arm in the air and off he went circling her first and then off over the forest. Victoria had to fight the sinking depression and worry that overcame her at seeing him fly away. “It’ll be ok.” She whispered to herself reassuringly.

Keeping herself busy, she went to work right away collecting the leaves that Vincent had pointed out. They were rather large and a bit heavy for her to carry comfortably, however she carried a bundle back to Vincent tensions still running a little high. “Hey I got some of the leaves you wanted!” She said still carrying them in her hands. “Where do you want them? Where do you want them? Where do you want them? Where do you want them?” She began to ask repeatedly. “No not now!” She thought and panicked inwardly. “Where do you want them? Wher-?” She dropped the leaves and began to run away from the other two, thrusting her hand into her mouth to stop the cycle. She bit down harder and harder, blood began to poor into her mouth and sting her tongue. “Where do you want them? Where do you want them?”

She took her other free hand and began to thump it against her thigh. The pace of the repetition began to slow and the uncontrollable urge began to subside. “You’re such a freak!” Victoria cried out vociferously, tears streaming down her face.
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