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Kayla and Holly

Kayla looked at Jasmine for a second. "Hey, Jasmine. Don't go around starting fights. I've had enough drama for one night.",she said, yawning a little. Jasmine glared at her for a moment and sighed. "But he started it!", she yelled. Yuri looked at Jasmine and frowned. "Just drop it.",she said. Jasmine frowned and snorted out more fire. "Fine... Just let go of my tail.", she said. Rosemary giggled and looked at Jasmine. "You got in trouble!",she said in between laughs. "Why you...",Jasmine said. "Don't start again.",Yuri said, biting down on Jasmine's tail harder. Holly started to giggle a little. "What are you laughing at?!",Jasmine yelled. I have the craziest pokemon..., Kayla thought, trying to hold back a laugh.

Thanks for everything today. Tomorrow I'll go to heaven. Please be my friends until the very end.

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