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Quote originally posted by weedle_mchairybug:
Ash was based on Red (in case you haven't noticed, Red's original artwork bore a lot of resemblance to Ash), so if a equals b and b equals c, then a equals c, hence how Red is based on Tajiri. Circular logic.

No, Ash is a stand alone character, perhaps a counterpart to Red, but not based on him.

Quote originally posted by weedle_mchairybug:
That, as well as drug problems, but then again, I read a TV Guide article that implies that the guy who created the show was "winning" despite Sheen's removal. And I should point out that I don't even like Two and a Half Men (it's really morally disgusting, really, even without Sheen's antics on the show).

I heard Ashton Kutcher wasn't getting over with fans the way Sheen did, but that might not be the case. I don't care for the show either. But either way, replacing the lead character of a show, any show, is a big risk, especially after being the star for as long as Ash has been on Pokemon.

Quote originally posted by weedle_mchairybug:
They also have video streaming sites such as Youtube or NDN, it's not like people can't watch them there. And besides, they can find DVD boxed sets at their local retailer store, whether it be Walmart, Target, Best Buy, even a Mom & Pop shop if needs be. There's also Ebay and Amazon for online people, so it's not like kids can't get the DVDs. And either way, I know a student from my elementary school next to my high school who tried to get signatures for a Bring Misty Back petition under my request, and the fact that he would even search there instead of asking "Who's Misty" makes it a bit obvious that even the younger kids would have heard of the original series, and this was at a time when Diamond and Pearl was nearly finished with its first or second season, back in 2007/2008.

Older DVDs for Pokemon are hard to find. Anime DVDs in particular are disappearing as fans refuse to pay for them and watch them all online illegally. (Best Buy use to have a huge collection of various anime. Went there the other day and the entire anime section was almost non-existent.)

Quote originally posted by weedle_mchairybug:
Actually, if they wanted to truly reboot the series, they have to get rid of ALL the old, leave nothing behind. Had I been one of the writers, and I were tasked with making a reboot, I'd ensure that all old characters, even Ash, are not only replaced, but also not even acknowledged, since that's the entire point of a reboot, to basically erase all old continuity and replace it with all new things, with no traces of the old. Think how (spoilers) Selina Kyle's entire criminal record and past was erased at the end of The Dark Knight Rises.

It wasn't a total reboot. Black and White started of with only the new 156 Pokemon, but postgame, some of the older ones were available.

Besides, if they were to replace Ash now, in another 5 years, there would be a demand for another replacement, and so on and so forth. Why create character after character if they are just going to be copies of each other?

Quote originally posted by weedle_mchairybug:
Maybe he is a kid, sure, and maybe he is supposed to learn his lessons, but that DOESN'T mean that he should REPEAT those mistakes. Remember, he's been through several regions, so kid or not, he's supposed to be a veteran by this point.

Everyone screws up, not just kids, but kids (especially at that age) keep making the same dumb mistakes. Remember, how many times did Ash try to use Charmeleon/Charizard before it started listening to him? Charmander evolved somewhere mid-Kanto, but it didn't respect him again until towards the end of the Orange Islands.

Quote originally posted by weedle_mchairybug:
Yeah, well, they should. Or, they should have made sure the anime doesn't actually have an on-going plot (like the Final Fantasy series, or heck, even the Roadrunner/Looney Tones cartoons, where each episode short was completely different from the past, the plots being entirely divorced).

Why should they expect people to question the plot of a cartoon, especially from a group of teens and adults outside of the target audience?

Quote originally posted by weedle_mchairybug:
If he could beat the likes of the Battle Frontier Brains (whom, BTW, were implied to be on the level of the Elite 4 or even the champion), he could most certainly handle the Champions. Otherwise, the Battle Frontier Brains are just as bad as Team Rocket in Episode 3. And the stupid comment was in reference to mistaking Iris for a pokemon in the first episode, and I based it on comments other users were saying about it.

That's why he starts over at the beginning of every region, to build more experience with new Pokemon, he just keeps Pikachu. When he went to Johto, he kept his Kanto team and his first battle had Charizard completely dominate the girl with a Rattata, Pidgey, and Chikorita. Do we really need to see more of this?

And the deal with Iris is a misunderstanding apparently thanks to the Pokedex.
Bulbapedia:"Ash walks into the forest, wondering what kind of Pokémon he will capture first. He then hears rustling from a bush he jogs past, and seeing something purple, he checks his Pokédex. The electronic gadget displays a picture of an Axew, apparently green in color. Talking about Axew's properties and behavior, Ash wonders why what he sees is so different from what it is being displayed. Nevertheless, without thinking, he throws a Poké Ball, and it hits... a girl's head! The girl rises from the bush, enraged at being thought of as a Pokémon. Apparently, it was actually her purple hair that Ash had spotted while she was picking fruits. Ash immediately apologies for his actions. Accepting his apology, the girl raises the fruit she had picked to her hair and an Axew pops out, grabs the fruit and lands on the ground, eating it."

Though it looked different, the Pokedex identified Iris' hair as an Axew, which it was right, but it was hidden in her hair. Not really Ash's fault that the girl hides her dragon in her big hair.

Quote originally posted by weedle_mchairybug:
Considering the fact that Ash has already gone through previous regions, why shouldn't we think he should be doing far better than that. If he's a veteran, that means he should be like, I dunno, Solid Snake in how he acts. Solid Snake showed himself to not be a rookie in future installments of Metal Gear Solid, and certainly not make rookie mistakes. Why can't they depict him in a very similar manner especially here in BW.

Snake is also an adult war vet, not a kid befriending magical creatures. Ash is a 10 year old kid, that's why he isn't all-powerful. He's obviously skilled, he's the only known trainer to ever KO Tobias's Darkrai, as it was said Tobias won all 8 of his badges with only Darkrai. No one had ever seen any of Tobias' other Pokemon before the battle with Ash. Ash was the 2nd strongest trainer of the Sinnoh league, as the guy who Tobias beat in the finals didn't beat Darkrai. Ash advances further with every league. Even if he were to perhaps win the Unova league, he may feel there is more to being a Pokemon master than just winning a tournament.

People act as if Ash is just a huge failure, yet as always, he wins his 8 badges. In Kanto, several of his badges were just given to him due to outside interference or something. At least in later seasons, he actually gets a clean victory when he earns his badges.

Quote originally posted by weedle_mchairybug:
Maybe if it was a small ratings decrease, like 8.98, or 8.89, it shouldn't be too much of a concern, but sinking from 9.0 to nearly 5.0 or less is by no means a "small" decrease. Even with the argument that the original fans have left the show, they should be replaced by the new audience and maintain a steady rating system, not sharply decrease. It sharply decreasing would imply that it's not doing well even among the target audience.

This was addressed on the Bulbagarden forums. Someone there said Japan's birthrate has gone down a lot recently, meaning there aren't as many kids to watch TV as there was in the past. And ratings for ALL the shows are going down, not just Pokemon's. People aren't watching TV anymore because 1: Not as many kids in Japan and 2: Why get up early to see something on TV when you can sleep longer and just watch it later online (though probably illegally)?

Quote originally posted by weedle_mchairybug:
Except the ratings of the show have significantly decreased. That would give enough people worry as to do risky decisions just to keep it on the air. From what I remember of the pokeani ratings, I think the Battle Frontier portion of the show was in the 5.5 range, with the lowest episode at that point being the Lucy episode.

Except there is nothing suggesting Pokemon is in danger of being cancelled. It's still one of the top watched shows.

The Homika/Roxie 2-part was at 6.6 according to someone form Bulbagarden. Best Wishes tends to fall and rise frequently according to the ratings they posted there.

Quote originally posted by weedle_mchairybug:
If I knew well enough that the loss of the Anime would not result in the Games being severely impacted by the decision, yes, I would. Don't forget, the Mario and Zelda shows were short lived, yet the game franchise itself is still going strong. If they could pull it off, Pokemon most certainly can as well.

You would change a show, knowing the results would end it? That's horrible business logic and a total waist of money to produce something.

Quote originally posted by weedle_mchairybug:
Actually, in some of the episodes, the Narrator specifically refers to the group as "Our Heroes," meaning that they ARE the Lead characters.

It's much easier to just say "our heroes" rather than name them individually every single time. They're reoccuring major roles, but Ash is the only true Lead role. The show is about his journey, not everyone elses'.

Quote originally posted by weedle_mchairybug:
Maybe not a master, but he should be a veteran at least (Veteran is different than a master, as while a veteran is someone who is experienced and seasoned enough at something, a master means the person has exceptional skills and experience far outweighing a veteran) considering the fact that he travelled through four, maybe six regions by this point, and thus should know what he's doing. And I used Snake as an example because his personality in the games was indicative of a seasoned veteran compared to the first Metal Gear.

Again, he has skill, otherwise he wouldn't have all 8 badges of the 5 regions and the 4 from the Orange Islands.

Quote originally posted by Mentalii:
They don't only should, they must change him. Enough of Ash, particularly since they have totally ruined it in the latests seasons. As the heroe of our childhood, he deserves a beautiful end, I mean, a end where he finally grows up and we see him becoming a champion or whatever they want, but then, stop with him. And then change the heroe, who could be ten if they want.

Or, I think it'll be a good idea if, Ash travelled for its part, and we followed the adventures of another former character, like May or Misty. Well, maybe not Brock because we also had enough of him I guess.

Or, an anime with Red instead of Ash. An anime based on PokéSpe. We can dream, can't we?

There is no "must". They don't HAVE to change him. He isn't ruined, he progresses further every season.

Replacing him would only lead to another argument about the anime again in a few years.

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