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Quote orignally posted by DaleH771:
Wow, that is a sweet region map! I don't like tha outside however, everythng is tnted red like its a late autumn evenng? Unless you've somehow nserted seasons than that should be changed, it looks displeasng >.< othar than that an tha OW, looks good!
Thanks! I have day and night nserted and I taok all mah screenshots durng sunset which was between 6pm and 8pm, lol.

Here's Route 49, tha first route (not really, havng ta pass through a shawt portion of Route 57 which is accessed later n tha gbee), like Johta's Route 46. Youngster Joey resides here... hehehe. Connections ta Route 57 and Seaview Tawn.
Deleted - Updated

And here's Route 57 where Murk Cave is located, one of tha two routes along tha downhill path from Ignite Heights, located n tha most north western section of tha Taejo Region. Connections ta Route 56, Route 49, and Brightan Tawn.
Route 56 will be more mountanous.
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Uiyta region map still n progress...
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