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Vincent’s voice cut through the air clear as day, and sent a chilling shiver through her spine. Victoria jumped to her feet, turned to face him and quickly thrust her right hand behind her back in a vain attempt to hide the bite mark hoping he hadn’t noticed. Her eyes puffy with tears, she took her left hand and hurriedly tried to clear them from her face. “Uhm...would you believe me if I said nothing?” Victoria replied with a cheesy smile and obvious forced laughter.

She averted her eyes and began to stare at the ground, desperately not wanting to initiate eye contact with the boy. She could feel her composure wavering, and caught her breath once again before continuing. She didn’t want to cry again, too many tears had already been shed. “Let’s see, uh. I guess it can’t be a secret much longer.” She added, her gaze still pointed at the ground. “I was born with....a condition.” She continued meekly, her left arm now rubbing her right in an up and down motion.

Her green eyes began to quiver from the recollection. She had hoped beyond all desires that she could have kept this a secret. “It’s just something I do from time to time. When I was six...” She paused unsure how much to reveal. “...I began to count things like my toys and leaves on a tree over and over again in rapid succession. I was taken to a doctor and diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder.” Victoria stopped once again, this time deciding not to reveal too much to a complete stranger.

“I know what you’re thinking! This girl is crazy...” She began to choke up again. “I promise you I’m not crazy! It’s just....sometimes....I uh..have to do things over and over again. I don’t know why. It’s just when I do it, I don’t feel anxious anymore....” She cast a sidelong glance toward the forest. Her right hand now throbbing with pain she turned her attention back to the boy. “It just seems to be a permanent foible of mine.”
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