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Lucy just sort of stood there for a moment, anticipating a struggle, because... I mean... Let's face it! How else does one react to being consumed? To her surprise though... nothing! No punching or kicking, no fire, no explosions. She became aware of muscle tension in the girl riding her shoulders and paused. Something was up with Amethyst. Only then did it occur to Lucy what she had accidentally forgotten Amethyst was probably afraid of... Lucy let out a sigh, shifted her weight to one hip, and poked her stomach, a gesture Mako would easily be able to feel. She hadn't... killed him had she? It wasn't like her belly-mouth had teeth. Lucy rested one hand on said belly for a moment before her ears picked up a muffled voice. Was... he talking to himself in there? Strange. She decidedly stopped paying attention to Mako for the moment to give her young companion some attention.


Her tone was a tad awkward if not gentle and a bit rushed. Mako would be able to pretty clearly make out what she said.

"Um... I'm sorry, Amethyst. It... really only looks weird, I promise. This was the power I was given, and... I guess I'm just used to this--I did that to protect us. He's... actually fine, /for now/."

Lucy pointedly prodded her stomach again at that last, less gentle remark, her words indicating a distrust of Mako and a willingness to take away his relative safety. Meanwhile, she let her other hand rest on Amethyst's leg, once again trying to use physical contact as comfort.

Lucy began to move forward, continuing onwards with disregard for the life she was carrying around, at least for a moment. Her movement speed was reduced to a walk, but with the sheer increase of strength provided by her pokespirit she manages to handle the load with relative grace.


She thought into the situation a bit further, trying to figure out how to better assure Amethyst that things were okay. She decidedly did not know what else to say.

"Now, /you/ mister...-"

Yet another belly prod.

"...are going to have to explain yourself if you want me to let you out of there!"

...She sounded like a scolding parent. It was either hilarious or terrible depending on which way one was looking at it. Lucy was trying to gauge how crazy and or violent this boy was, and... apparently had no intention of letting him out until she got a better idea of what she had contained.

"...And, uh... speak up. It's hard to hear out here."
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