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Seph had an exhausted look on his face. he'd been stuck on this plane for hours, and wasn't allowed to get off at this stop since they would leave almost immediately after the others got on. Seph let out a heavy sigh, and took out his notebook. He kept a careful record of his training progress, and often reviewed it. Turbine’s and his own training were the key to their chances here. Seph’s only pokemon was a mysterious one. He had gotten him as an egg and he’d been very persistent with evolution. He’d gone from Elekid to Electabuzz to Electivire in very little time. In addition to that he’d always been a bit different. He had slicked back horns as an Elekid, two tails as an Electabuzz, and four tails as an Electivire along with a more muted fur color. Those traits aside turbine was a powerhouse. He had tons of physical strength as well as special attack power. With Seph’s tactics the duo were rather well known in their home town for solving problems. In fact solving a problem was what earned turbine his name. Seph began to reminisce.

Turbine was just a hatchling then. A little Elekid, but still impressively strong. A heavy storm hit Seph’s home town, and a terrible black out hit. Without power the town was in a bit of a bind. Especially Seph’s family’s store. The refrigerated section was going to spoil, and since most of the rest of the store was barren it was crucial to the business. In a moment of quick thinking Seph began to rewire the fridge and his Elekid began providing power. He was acting as a generator, and the way he spun his arms around to produce power made Seph think of a turbine, so thusly his name was made. In retrospect it wasn’t that big of a thing, but Seph was proud anyway. Even then they made a great team.

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