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Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
I must not be the norm. This is where my distaste of the legendary monkeys first came to pass, as I was still battling Bianca with only the non-evolved forms and figured I would outmatch her with type, but that proved difficult itself (duh), then I got a surprise critical hit against me that forced me to change my strategy mid-battle. I got down to my final two Pokémon. Not one of my proudest moments.

Cheren on the other hand came at me with all he got, but I knew he was coming after the Legend Badge and made sure I got the right team along for the trip.

So in terms of final storyline battles, I found Bianca's tougher. Given how she seems to act like a pushover, that surprised me.

idk it might depend on the starter. Since you used Emboar, I also did too, and their teams based on the starters and everything else were different for each starter you picked, soo it could just be a matter of which starter was hardest to face on the opposing team, rather than the person maybe.

So while she did have the starter that was the weakest to face, the harder one could actually not be harder against the rest of your team and only the starter... if that makes sense lmao.

Also... the monkeys are not legendary. I'd be afraid if they were. :(
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