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Quote originally posted by Katie the Friendly Ghost:
I actually just heard someone call them the Genie trio the other day. I can't remember if they were actually referring to these three though. I would assume so since they do look like genies haha.
They are based on kami in Japanese mythology: Fujin, kami of wind, Raijin, the kami of thunder & Inari, the kami of fertility. They may also be thought of as representing the different domains of world: Landorus represents the land, Tornadus the heavens and Thundurus a transitional state between the two, as Lightning. That's the source I got from Bulbapedia anyway.
Quote originally posted by lucario_is_awesome:
2 partner pokemon: shiny arceus and giratina
What's your favorite Legendary Pokemon & why?
arceus has the overall best stats of any pokemon and his shiny design is awesome, however, I have to admit that my favourite legendary is going to have to be giratina because: awesome design, awesome moves, modest offensive stats, a brick wall because of his very HP and defensive stats, and who could forget the awesome type A GHOST/DRAGON type!!!
Welcome Lucario_is_awesome! So I take it you are a huge fan of the Generation IV Legendary Pokemon? Do you believe Lucario should hold a semi-legendary status for having his own movie, whereas Zoroark also?
Quote originally posted by Meganium90:

Name: Meganium90. yep.
2 Partner Pokemon: Articuno and Meloetta

How do you feel about the new forms of Thundurus/Tornadus/Landorus/Keldeo & the fusion of both Black/White Kyurem?

Kinda mixed @ the new forms of the Kami Trio. The new forms aren't even necessary and I just think they should just stay the way they were before. The form I hate the most is Tornadus. The name has a tornado and yet the next form has wings. ...

I like the Black fusion of Kyruem, though. When I get the game I'll be totally catching it.
Meloetta is no surprise, but Articuno?? Why do you choose Articuno? I've always thought of you being a Mesprit lover. I could be wrong. LOL

Which form of Deoxys do you like most & why?