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Okay, since my sign up I have made it to Castelia City. I rushed through the first gym so I could trade over eggs of Volbeat and Illumise. Once the eggs hatched I named Volbeat Phil and Illumise Claire. After that I Audino trained both of them to level 21(so Phil could learn Tail Glow). Then I moved on with the game and the story and defeated Lenora, earning my second Gym Badge. I went ahead and made my way through Pinwheel Forest so that I could travel across Skyarrow Bridge to reach Castelia City. Here is my team at this point:

Phil the Volbeat
Male | Bold | Swarm | Lv. 24
- Tail Glow
- Baton Pass
- Brick Break
- Hidden Power (Flying)

Claire the Illumise
Female | Modest | Tinted Lens | Lv. 24
- Bug Buzz
- Hidden Power (Ground)
- Shadow Ball
- Thunderbolt

Also, I figured that everyone here should know that I RNG bred these two on my White version for the HP types, natures, and ability. I also bred some egg moves on these two, such as the TM moves and Baton Pass.
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