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Candice Greyson

What I saw was some sort of magical thing. I'm not even joking this time, so different and was a FLUFFYSPRITE, or so I would call it since I combined Mr.Fluffy and that Sprite together. It looked not only adorable and irresistible, but so awesomely exciting. This was magic, I'm sure of it! I knew magic existed! I had to tell Vieve all about this!

It wasn't long until I got a notification from the computer. Maybe it was that same stranger pestering me. I forgot her, or I think it's a girl since the font is pink, but who knew. Maybe I should ask if it's a boy or girl? No, I'll just wait and see if the person ever mentions it. I prefer to play mind games anyway, like I did with Vieve, Ricardo, and Vinnie. Also, from the looks of it, she responded back right after I left. How did I not hear the notification? Guess the sprite really took over my mind there...

AM: Glad to know I'm different.
AM: A friend? It sure doesn't like being touched.
AM: And I guess I'll try out something I have right now to throw.
AM: Be back when I managed to throw something there.

CF: Glad that you're different?
CF: Oh my, this will be more interesting than I thought :}
CF: Anyways, congratulations!
CF: It looks like you just created the fluffysprite~

There was more to read, but I looked at the sprite. It blinked erratically from sky blue, to black, and to white. A very amazing, spectacular, and beautiful sight. I couldn't get my eyes off of Mr. Fluffy when I had him as a doll...but he looked adorable the way he flashed so much! He can follow me everywhere! Like a real pet! I always wanted a pet too! This is going to be sooo cool! I managed to shake my head, trying to get back on track. Staring at the computer, I read the rest this person had for me.

CF: I guess the fun is over, then, and we have to do the boring stuff.
CF: ... Or maybe we can spice things up a little first~! To make it more fun.
CF: Did you notice that thing smoking in the sky just now?
CF: If you take a look again, you will probably see that it's not only smoking. It's burning :}
CF: See, it's a meteor. And it's heading right towards you. About to go BOOM!
CF: Isn't it exciting~!?
CF: Do you want to live, Candice, honey? Do you want me to help you? :}

AM: Fluffysprite?
AM: I thought the same thing...I know...Mr. Fluffy looks better as a sprite now.
AM: Boring stuff?
AM: I'm basically boring.
AM: A meteor???
AM: Well, I guess it wasn't a plane in smoke...but...a meteor..coming right at me...
AM: Oh yes, very exciting indeed.
AM: I am jumping up and down.
AM: But yes, I want to live.
AM: Please help me so that the meteor wont come any closer...
AM: Literally closer.

I decided to call this girl Frauder. It was her chumhandle, and it would make my way of thinking that much more fun. Besides, I really needed to get on with it. I also wanted to pester Vieve about Frauder, but right now I wanted to do anything so that...THAT METEOR will not hit home. Like, literally, crash here. Everything felt so unreal, so fake...but so good. Here I was a junkie for the paranormal stuff, ghosts, and even magic. Now I'm starting to think that magic exists, and a meteor is coming right at me. All I can do now is wait for Frauder's response and see what she orders me to do next. She's basically all I have now to survive...if it's a she. Oh, and also Vinnie. He probably knows more than I do right now.

Then it hit me. How did she know it was called Fluffysprite? How? Too curious to know, I get back on and ask Frauder. It seriously disturbed me...not sure if she'll respond, since I have no idea if they answer questions, but it's worth a try.

AM: How did you know it was a Fluffysprite anyway?
AM: Unless I said it out loud without knowing...