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Originally Posted by Winter Fountain View Post
Uh. Sorry, I still don't get it
Gonna try my best to explain...

Ok, so you know that pointers in the hex are the reverse of the offset that it points to, right? So if we have some stuff at 0xABCDEF, there will be instances of the hex code "EF CD AB" in the ROM. These instances are read to "point" towards 0xABCDEF. If you move some stuff from and after 0xABCDEF to a free space offset, let's say 0x900000, you haven't yet told the ROM to read off of there. So what you do is replace all instances of "EF CD AB" with "00 00 90" (the reverse of 900000.) That way the ROM knows to read from 0x900000, and not 0xABCDEF.
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