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Hey guys, here's a new challenge I came up with.

-Only pokemon from the first 5 routes may be caught (caves and forests count as routes, cities do not). Headbutting is fine, but surfing and fishing rods are only to be used in case you need a surfer (as per in the notes section, and even then not beyond good rod).

-Limit 2 captures per route, six pokemon total*

-No HM slaves! All captured pokemon must be used in battle**

-No trade (ingame or otherwise) or gift pokemon (not including starter). Not even for evolution purposes (i.e. no Alakazams)!


*If a capture(s) is needed for REQUIRED pokedex reasons (i.e. in order to get HM 05 in RBY) then you may ignore the six pokemon rule, but all pokemon captured beyond your first six must be immediately released.

** Should you not be able to aquire or do not possess a pokemon who can use a necessary HM (fly and flash do not count) a dummy for that single HM may be caught, but it must permanantly replace one member of your current team. It also must be captured from the first route that that type may be caught (i.e. the first route you can fish for surf).

----When (rarely) applicable, breeding is allowed, however the offspring must permanantly replace one of the parents for the remainder of the run.
----For an extra challenge, combine this with Nuzlocke or unevolved runs, lol.

Well that's all there is to it. Just let me know if you want to participate. I'll be doing it in my FIRE RED, if you care to join me. Just state the game you will be playing, and try to keep me posted on your current team. Thanks, and enjoy

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