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Quote originally posted by Sector Revenge:
Meloetta is no surprise, but Articuno?? Why do you choose Articuno? I've always thought of you being a Mesprit lover. I could be wrong. LOL
what is a Mesprit?

Well Meloetta has just become a favorite legendary of mine from the 5th generation. I've yet to watch the episodes where this Pokemon is featured, and it just looks super adorable. Plus...Piroulette (sp?) forme makes it look soooo badass. xD Aria = calm, Piroulette = fighter.

Articuno has been my favorite legendary since being one of the main legendary Pokemon on Pokemon The Movie 2000. To this day, I still adore the Pokemon, always used it as a sixth Pokemon in Red/LeafGreen, and it's also my top favorite Ice-Type.

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