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Well, you started with Venusaur, which is (in my opinion) the best starter. If you have Starmie, level it up to get some attack moves, it wil cover for Venusaur's greatest weakness. Personally, I thinkthat you should get Mewtwo, it is in Cerulean Cave at a high level, so doesn't need much level grinding. Next, you mentioned the legendary birds. I think that you shold either use Moltres or Arcituno, both strong against grass types, Starmie's weakness. Personally, would use Moltres, since it has the type advantage over Arcituno. Now, if you have Eevee, turn it into Jolteon, a good eeveelution. You need one more pokemon, I would reccomend a normal type, since their only weakness is fighting types. Not sure if this is in gen1, but a Norlax would be good, otherwise use a Clefairy. Good luck!
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