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Originally Posted by Beebeeson View Post
If you wait for the timer to count down and then click 'Skip this' or whatever, it loads to Deposit Files.
-Link Removed-
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Download link changed.
Originally Posted by timson733333 View Post
When I open up Attack Editor, I keep getting Unhandled Exceptions saying "InvalidArgument=Value of '40' is not valid for 'SelectedIndex'."
Make sure you have the latest roms.ini file.

Originally Posted by crowlover View Post
For some reason, PGE seems to have troubles with Fire Red patched with the Alpha 3 of Jambo51's 649 Patch. It loads the ROM fine, but when I try opening any of the internal programs. And it returns the same results whether the checkboxes are clicked or not.

Do I need to do something with the offsets?
Use Jambo's roms.ini and settings.ini files.
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