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I'd say the PS2 game "Gungrave." It is a third-person shooter with great story and art by Yasuhiro Naito, the one who responsible for the Trigun manga. I felt that it was a good game, though it suffered in terms of popularity. It's actually a fun and addicting game to play, despite short completion time, which people seem to complain about. I thought the length of the game was quite fitting for the story it had.

Another game series would be Mr. Driller. This series could be viewed as a sequel to the Dig Dug series. It is a fun, creative puzzle game , and it's really addictive. I feel that this series deserved more attention, as it had a good concept different from most puzzle games today.

Dragon Ball Z 2, or Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 is a bit underrated. From what I've seen, people seem to dislike the story mode of the game. I really can't see how one cannot like it if you're a fan of the Dragon Ball manga and games. In my opinion, the story mode was a lot better than the one in DBZ3/B3, where you just fly around and only get character images and speech bubbles for story. I feel that the game is much better than Budokai 1, but people seem to like it more for "nostalgic" reasons.
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