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This is exactly what I was hoping someone would do with my Music Table swapping hack when I wrote it. I look forward to potentially seeing even more 8 bit tunes running on GBA.

I like all the nice little touches, like the 8 bit versions of FRLG specific music (stuff that wasn't in RBY, I mean). You didn't have to do that, but you did, and it's a nice little touch.

Small criticism - to me the Trainer Battle music sounds off. Not sure exactly what - it just doesn't sound right.

Also, I since worked out how to create a carryable item which is capable of switching the music too. I could forward that code to you if you wanted - it doesn't require JPAN's hack, it runs on code already in the game.

Hey guys, please check out my recreations of the gen 1 and 2 music on my custom engine at my SoundCloud! - Here!
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