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Name: Noka Ren

Gender (male or female only): Male

Empire: Psychic

Age (13-19 unless you have a reason to be younger or higher): 18

Special Power: Psychic sense, influence. Noka has a sort of exceptional intuition and sensibility, allowing him to see and hear better and more clearly, smell and taste more distinctly (like catch almost unnoticeable attributes and pick out certain ingredients), and also vaguely influence others' thoughts. (For the influence, imagine that uneasy feeling you get in a dark, damp basement, or that little twinge of warmness you get from seeing an old friend again; Noka can put subtle feelings forward in your thoughts, not control or read your mind)

Appearance (you may post picture, but if not at least 3-4 lines): Average height, 5'10". Lean builld; not muscular, but naturally fit, around 150 lbs. Skin not tan, but not pale, just...average. Dark brown hair, just a shade short of black, worn casually, medium length (just... any anime male hairstyle ever, without the ridiculous spikes.) Green/Grey eyes, with a ring of gold just around the pupil.

*I'm assuming clothing would be more traditional, like in the game
Comfortable, brown cloth pants and a khaki cloth tunic, with brown leather shoulders and brown cloth belt.

Personality (a good 1-2 paragraph minimum): Noka has always been more quiet and reserved. Though he is intense and focused when he needs to be, he is extremely calm and laid back. Very sarcastic, Noka usually has a few quiet comments to contribute in conversation.
Nothing ever really phases Noka. He takes everything in stride and doesn't show much emotion in anything. He enjoys the company of others, and even though he often he listens in conversations much more than he participates, he enjoys being a part of it. When things get serious, Noka becomes focused and intense, carefully observing everything and thinking everything through.

Background (2 paragraph minimum and must include how you got your power and reason to join empire): Noka is an average, unassuming member of the Psychic empire. His parents are shopkeepers and his family is the epitome of middle class. There is absolutely nothing to distinguish Noka from any other random bystander, and that's exactly the way he likes it.
Noka discovered his power early on, when he was only 8 years old. There was no genetic gift passed down through his family, just a random happening that this child was special. Only he and his parents know of his power, as they feared exposing it could get Noka taken away to be exploited by the Empire. Noka and his family had no intention to do anything special, only to live happily.
With the wars raging, Noka decided to join the Psychic empire's army to protect his home. He really doesn't care about defeating the other empires, only defending his own. He isn't looking to become the next great general of war, he just wants to protect his family, and with his abilities, he feels that he can.

Pokemon and move set (4 move max and make them seem legit for just starting out pokemon):
Abra (Lv. 10) - Confusion, Teleport, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis
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