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Name: Ben Aritino
Gender: male
Empire: Omega
Age: 16

Special Power: Able to use the abilities of any pokemon he touches (for about five minutes of use) and speak telepathically with them for as long as he is making physical contact.
Appearance: Ben is tall and thin, but built in a way that he has no fat on his body, only muscle. He's very broad shouldered and has large hands. He has incredible reflexes and makes good use of them with his two cycles. He's kind of pale, but not pasty and weighs around 145 lbs. He has light brown hair and one orange and one green eye. His clothes consist of a grey tunic and dark brown pants. He almost always goes barefoot and therefore has very tough and calloused feet.

Personality: Ben actually goes against some of his countries ideals, although he would never tell anyone. He believes that they should make some sort of attempt to convert others, but if they choose not to join them, then by all means they can be killed. He does believe in friendship (but it's not magic ) and that it's a fine thing to have as long as you keep your loop to the bare minimum to have some kind of interaction and relationship.
He is somewhat sneaky and a very good strategist, being able to come up with small scale plans on the spot and larger battle plans by looking at a map and how many soldiers are in each area of the battle field.

Background: Ben's power is passed down from his family. One male in each generation has always had the power, and since he was the first born and the only son, he has the power. His family is one of farmers who own a very large plot of land and are one of the more middle/upper class families.
He joined up with the army simply because he was bored of working on his family's farm and wanted to put his power to use. He often used his power just like his father, to help around the farm by seeing how some of the pokemon were feeling (as in diseases and the such) and to help with the physical labor.

Pokemon and move set: Zorua, lv. 15 (Venice); shadow ball (TM), fury swipes, leer, scratch
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