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I stare into the screen, observing Vieve as she proceeds to freak out. Usually, I guess seeing people freak out would make me react in a similar manner. However Vieve seems to like doing this a lot, and I can't really bring myself to get excited over just any little thing unlike her apparently. Girls.

I honestly didn't know how skittish Vieve can be at times, although I guess this is not a "usual" situation for her. She stands, looks up, sits down… the girl can't seem to stay still, and just when I think this, she stays in her seat… of course.

Yawning, I stretch. I stayed up way too late last night, and now my body's cramping up and my bladder is begging me to go to the bathroom. So I oblige.


Oh! I think as I get back, Vieve's playing around with some purple dowel now… LAME!

Finally, I decide to go mess with her brother, cracking a devious smile to myself.

Moving my viewpoint to the bathroom, I select Gavin's magazine with my cursor and maneuver it out through the window, up to the roof, and into Gavin's room.

Unbeknownst to me, this seems to grab Tiberiusprite's attention, and the skittish sprite leaves Vieve's room following the piece of educated literature… psyche!

Gavin, I mean, the kid who's name I'm oblivious to, is now laying on his bed holding his head and moaning. I don't quite understand that this is due to a horrible hangover, so I just assume he can handle some more of my shenanigans.

As I wave the Playboy issue around, Gavin begins to chase it in a distressed manner for the second time today. What's up with flying nudie magazines anyways?

I make Gavin do a couple of laps around his room, and he seems to be having a hard time dodging the mess I made there. This can't be nearly as fun to him as it is to me!

However, it also does seem pretty fun to the curious and playful Tiberiusprite, who dashes down from Gavin's roof's trapdoor, and at the magazine! A sudden flash of light blinds me for a second or two.

After rubbing my eyes back to health, I become amazed at the sight of Tiberiusprite, or should I say…