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AM: Well, you have a point there.
AM: Oh great, my dear papa is sure in great hands.
AM: So I suppose I'll come back...again...once I do all that.
AM: So you believe in magic too?

CF: Magic?
CF: From what I've seen, magic is real and you'd better believe it ;}
CF: Oh, your kernelsprite got prototyped twice?
CF: That's... not good for you. But so much more fun for me~!
CF: And you have your totem. Now it's time for the real magic, honey :}
CF: Place the totem in the right spot on the... the Alchemiter.
CF: Before that meteor strikes, preferably. You only have a couple of minutes left, I think. Judging from the screams coming from your neighbors who have just realized that they are doomed~ ;}
CF: I can't hear them, no. But I can imagine. Oh, I can imagine~!~!! The sky turning red already? Must be immensely scary where you are now!!~~~

FLUFFYSPRITE's face switches rapidly between red and blue. He seems angry and sad at the same time. That probably means he is scared, because he has just looked out through a window.

==> Use the Alchemiter.


Oh god what. What did you do. What... did... you... DO!? TIBERIUSPRITE disappears in a flash of light and Vieve's twin brother drops his jaw. Thankfully not literally. Before him now floats a cat's face that is undoubtedly still Tiberius, but it has got incredibly long eyelashes, some make up and pouting lips like a woman after plastic surgery. You should be happy that it has not got a body. Who knows that Gavin would do if he suddenly found a real life Catwoman blinking at him in his own room?

Tiberiusprite is obviously not a good name for this thing anymore. Genders are confusing... but he is hereby the transvestite CLOYSTERSPRITE.

==> Lean back and watch Vieve making magic or panic because of the meteor that is closing in on her neighborhood.


The TOTEM is placed in the right spot and the ALCHEMITER buzzes into action. A mechanical arm comes down and seems to scan the TOTEM. With a buzzing noise, something starts to appear out of thin air on the big "weighing machine" platform.

It's a long clothes rack, filled with similar dresses in the same violet color. The rack itself is violet too, actually. They kind of go well together with the shimmering color of the Alchemiter. Everything around you seems to be wild violet in SBURB, for some reason.

PS: It’s a meteor?
PS: Well, that’s good to know.
PS: We’ll survive? Then what’s the point of it hitting? That’s dumb
PS: Totem to Alchemiter
PS: Also, I don’t think I’ve said this yet but thanks.

VB: Yes. I'm sorry.
VB: It's not here to kill you. It's... it's here to kill everything else but you. To make sure that you survive, in a way. There's no time to ponder it.
VB: Thanks? You're welcome. I guess.

That was written right after your response, while you were walking down the stairs into the garden to the ALCHEMITER. As the clothes rack appears, VB sends more messages that you may or may not read, since you aren't close to the computer and have very little time left. It's even getting hot in the air and the screams on the streets are doing nothing to calm you down.

VB: A clothes rack?
VB: Let me think.
VB: These cruxite artifacts are always tricky.
VB: My guess is you have to find the right dress somehow. Just grab it, is hopefully enough... if nothing happens then, you might have to tear it apart or put it on or something.
VB: You are almost out of time.
VB: Vieve...
VB: Please survive.
VB: :<

==> Find the "right" dress. It will be enough.