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Sovereign Rainforest- Hoodhide's Village

Zane waited patiently for the others to arrive for his meeting. At the moment, a few concerns ran through his head, primarily the physical health of the others, and the mental health of Defender. He hoped both conditions were met. Maybe that was too much to hope for. The Gold Tribe began arriving, first Calamity and Sword and Shield coming, and then Hoodhide, who still was in bandages but seemed to be recovering quite well. Next came TrueStriker, who gave a nod of the head to Zane, which he returned.

And then came Penance and, much to Zane's dismay, he was still just as he was before. "ROSES!!!" He screamed, shooting Water Pulses into the side of the building. Zane stood upright, trying to figure out a way to control his brother before he truly hurt someone. Zane certainly believed in this state of mind, he had that capability. When he sent two more out, Zane felt he had to do something. As Defender walked up to them, Zane hit him with a Thunder Wave, just so he won't do anything drastic.

"You need to calm down, brother." Zane said to him. A moment later, TrueStriker grabbed hold of the Golduck, lowering him down to his level and speak firmly to him. Zane silently watched as TrueStriker spoke in a way he hadn't seen him before. The other Gold Tribe members arrived and watched in silence as well. When the Gallade was done speaking his mind, he let go of the Golduck.

"TrueStriker is right, brother. It wasn't your fault that this happened. Dark Lightning died because of the Silver Tribe, and them alone. Dark Lightning wouldn't have wanted you to be like this. He would have wanted us to move on, and continue our duty.

You are tools. The familiar voice of the dream filled his mind. Zane shook his head and pushed it out.

"The Alpha Alliance needs you, brother. They need all of us. They needed all of our brothers and sisters who died. Don't abandon them yet."

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