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Quote originally posted by zingzags:
The debug issue is something that Maruno needs to know about, I encountered the same issue trying to change my pokemon's from through the debug editor. But it works 100% my pokemon do show up shiny no matter what form they are in.
Why should I need to know about it? This following script isn't in Essentials. It's not up to me to make sure Essentials is compatible with it (that's just backwards).

Besides, it sounds to me like this "problem" is just a case of not reading the instructions. See below.

Quote originally posted by zingzags:
What I did to your script was I made it to %03d_0 because your pokemon overworlds in your folder were 001_0, 002_0... 493_0. the _0 in the script I edited for you was what made the pokemon overworlds show.

So what you are going to have to do for each release that comes out, you are going to have to go into the script and change each

%03d, %03ds, %03d_%d, %03ds_%d
%03d_0, %03ds_0, %03d_%d, %03ds_%d
Change the names of the Pokémon overworld charsets as mentioned.
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