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Originally Posted by PsychoToxin View Post
My vote goes to DiegoisAwesome.

Why? He's awesome. I honestly don't get the fuss. :P

@Fireworks: Even Black and White 2 had some changes in towns. ESPECIALLY Driftveil.
B2 and W2 are not remakes though, they are set in the future, so things will have changed...

ANYWAY, back on topic for a sec, Snakewood is original, CrystalDust has potential, Dark Future has a lot of time and dedication placed into it. From what I believe is the best, I believe Dark Future gets my vote, due to the fact it's a GBC hack, and that makes it a shot above the rest to begin with. Then we've got the dedication of miksy on the hack, making it one fun hack to play.

Man of Steel
He harbors no shame
Got cut a raw deal
But he holds no blame
Gone and forgot to feel
Numb for pretentious pain
As he spins the wheel
There's no loss nor no gain...

Nerves of Steel
He must remain
Even if it kills
To remember my name
A view to a thrill
Like Campari and Champagne
I'm on the rocks
Please tell me, What Is My Name?

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