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Quote originally posted by Banjora Marxvile:
B2 and W2 are not remakes though, they are set in the future, so things will have changed...

ANYWAY, back on topic for a sec, Snakewood is original, CrystalDust has potential, Dark Future has a lot of time and dedication placed into it. From what I believe is the best, I believe Dark Future gets my vote, due to the fact it's a GBC hack, and that makes it a shot above the rest to begin with. Then we've got the dedication of miksy on the hack, making it one fun hack to play.
I generally agree with this post. Each hack definitely has its strong points, and to be honest each hack has very few weak points, too, so it's hard enough to choose- however, I'm going to vote for Dark Future. The fact that it's a GSC tells me how it's no cakewalk to work on it. In my time here I've seen that miksy has put a lot of time and effort into learning how to hack GBC games well, and the result is a fun, very good hack in general.

That is not to say that I don't think Snakewood or Crystal Dust are good- I do, of course. I believe that Snakewood is honestly a great hack, and find that people tend to focus too much on certain aspects that people generally like and call it 'overhyped'. The only thing that irks me a bit are the graphics, but I can get past that because it's just so damn interesting what he's turned Ruby into.
Crystal Dust is obviously a great hack, too- although one thing that irks me about it is that it actually tries to stick to being as similar as it can be to GSC. I feel that that's the very thing that made FireRed and LeafGreen suffer as remakes, and I'd prefer if a remake had as many original (well, 'new') features as possible.
Crystal Dust is a fine hack, and diegoisawesome is a great hacker too (imo), and I feel the same about Snakewood, but when all is said and done, I feel Dark Future deserves my vote.

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