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Originally Posted by Daniel Evans View Post
I must say, even though I don't have any experience in ROM Hacking whatsoever, that is an interesting concept. I would join your team as a Storyliner and/or Bannermaker.

Your name/What you want to be called: Daniel.

Position: Bannermaker or Storyliner

When you're on and timezone: (UTC+8:00) Philippines. I don't usually go on weekdays but I am 24/7 on weekends.

Proof of Work: I make a decent banner over by my Shop. Can't say anything 'bout my Storylining days 'cept that I won 1st Place in a storywriting contest during my elementary years and received an award for Best In English and Grammar.

Way of contact: VMing would be nice.

Why you want to join: Would be nice, trying to get in the Emulation scene and stuff. Ya get my drift?

Hope I can get in on it.
ACCEPTED!!! Welcome to the Team Daniel :D

I swear I made this post before :\.....anyway I'm going to try my hand at ASM but I'd like to get an ASMer to join the team .

A mini update guys. I have types and order of gyms (also the towns) for Dyloma.

1st - Akio Town (Psychic)
2nd - Apropos City (Dark)
3rd - Tiare City (Freestyle)
4th - Davino City (Fire)
5th - Bayfield Town (Steel)
6th - Leaf Crest (Ghost)
7th - Galvano City (Flying)
8th - Minora City (Dragon/Freestyle)

tell me your opinions and stuff.
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