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Meep, interesting name. Well, he did seem to have a habit of zoning out. Not like that bothered Skye in any way. Rama snickered at the other Pokemon coolly. He rolled his teal eyes at them discouragingly, trotting over to Skye and barking about something. Skye glanced at him and nodded. Rama snorted. ”Probably a good thing you housepets are on a leash,” he stated with a casual growl. “You wouldn’t be able to touch me if you all tried at once.” Skye rolled his eyes at his Pokemon’s cool arrogance before smiling at Meep.

“Nuh-hice to meh-meh-meet you,” he murmured, watching Fluffernut with a semblance of curiosity. “You ha-ha-have truh-hained thah-hat one weh-well.” Skye smiled at the mention of Heart though. He understood how it felt to raise babies. He glanced at the Skitty and shook his head no. “Thah-hat looks to beh-be one of theh-heh-heirs,” he replied, jerking his thumb toward where the other girls had disappeared to. Realizing the boy must have been by confused, he gently picked Rama up from the ground. The Pokemon yelped in indignation but relaxed when he realized it was just Skye. “Thih-his is Rah-Rama, my Zuh-Zorua.” He didn’t mention that he had no Pokeball.

Pala suddenly squeaked from his backpack and Skye grinned to himself as the little polar bear poked her head out. “Tha-That’s Pala, a Cuh-Cubchoo,” he explained when the beady black eyes looked at Meep. Sniffling, she waved a large furry paw.
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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