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I'm Chips.You should know me from before.I'm a 13-y.o. ROM Hacker.I used to make Pokemon BlackGranite X.I know it as the worst ROM Hack available to download.The hack is now beign re-done.The name of the hack is CapuMon BlackGranite X:Fixed Edition.It's base is Pokemon Emerald.
Oh, so you want the storyline?Fine.You're a 13-year-old kid who moved from the region of Corna to the region of Hoejo.There you get a new PokeDex and a Johto starter.You have to get all over the place to catch new Pokemon.Go and fight new gym leaders!New trainers await you!Save the world from a new gang,Team TD!Defeat the champion!Now once you have all that done, let the nostalgia sweep over you with Pokemon G/S/C music.
New music!(The music was a pain to insert)
Completly new region!
New trainers!
Pokemon G/S/C music!
Some cities/towns are exact copies of the towns in Kanto and Johto(except Goldenrod City).

New features will come as time pass by.
Screenshots(the new ones will be coming soon:-) !)
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Attachment 65813

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New screens are coming soon, these ones are dead since the times of Mac OS 9.0 .
Support Banners:

HTML Code:

HTML Code:
Lu-Ho and Jiggly=For using AdvanceMap
HackMew=For using A-Trainer,A-Starter,A-Ptch and SMCA.
The Helmeted Rodent=For using his Sappy 2006 music insertion tool
Mavy42=For his userbars. Thanks!

If I forgot anybody,Just tell me.

  • Sako=Beta Tester
  • Me=Mapper,Music Inserter,Bug/Glitch finder
  • Looking for: Key=
  1. Bold: Really badly need the person/people who'll do the job.
  2. Normal=Not an important job.
  3. StrikethroughAleready got the person/people for the job.
  • Music inserter
  • Spriter(I just can't keep up with Baro's OW forever,right?)
  • Beta TesterAleready got Sako,I might ask for one more later on as the game proggesses(or when Sako will give up).
  • Bug/Glitch finders(3)Looking for 3 Bug/Glitch finders
  • Banner maker Got Mavy42.Seriously,great work!

Pokemon BlackGranite X FINAL!Yes,that's it!The final thing!Let's start working on Pokemon DarkShadow.

Pokemon BlackGranite X FINAL!.zip
The New BlackGranite X is out!
Go, get it

-Past Works
-PM me
-VM me!
-Capumon:BlackGranite X:Origins
-Creator of this awesome sig