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i had an art thread but

it was old so i'm MAKING A NEW ONE.

mods/admins feel free to delete the old one i don't care lol.

anyway... new and improved art thread. it's been forever since i made the old one and i have improved a lot since then, i think.

drawings consist of vents, wolves, some realistic looking pokemon, and other crap.

so without further ado.

have some crap.

i used to take pictures of my traditional art with my terrible photogenic skills but now i scan them so they're easier to view.

for digital art i use a wacom bamboo create tablet and photoshop elements 9.

drawings are arranged from oldest to newest.


title: the winter.
date finished: march 1st, 2012.
time: 45 minutes; just a venty doodle.
the weird image you see kind of is some crap drawing i did on the other page. it's not apart of the picture. the picture itself is of the wolf sketch at the bottom and a wintry landscape.

title: realistic houndoom.
date finished: march 2nd, 2012.
time: about three hours.

title: realistic oshawott.
date finished: march 4th, 2012.
time: about two hours.

title: realistic eagle.
date finished: march 21st, 2012.
time: about seven hours. worked on it for an hour a day.
sorry the quality is so bad on this one! my photogenic skills are worth ****. thinking about scanning it to get a better picture.

title: the enemy.
date finished: may 12th.
time: about two hours.
this is a vent. yes that's real blood.

title: i'm wide awake.
date finished: may 28th.
time: about an hour and a half.
ehhhh, a vent i was doing at like three o'clock in the morning one night when i couldn't sleep and was about to tell my current girlfriend that i loved her. asdfghjkl. by the way the title is NOT based off that lame ass katy perry song. it's based on an album by bright eyes called i'm wide awake, it's morning.

title: don't let them see you cry.
date finished: june 4th.
time: about... three hours i'd say.
this is the traditional version of a drawing that i did for my girlfriend and i. i'm the ninetales, she's the houndoom.

title: romulus.
date finished: june 30, 2012.
time taken: about an hour.

title: you and i.
time taken: about an hour and a half.
date finished: july 20.
for my bbu~. ♥ love you. yes, we're both girls. problem? gtfo.

title: hallelujah.
time taken: about an hour and a half.
date finished: july 15.
why did i upload this. this is ****. i've long since thrown this away. what am i even doing.

title: we don't try.
time taken: about two hours.
date finished: august 5.
ohgosh what is that the anatomy is just i don't even know anymore.

title: forget it.
time taken: about an hour and a half.
date finished: august 7.

that's all i could show from my traditional work. i have others, but they're embarrassing and are just really doodles and stuff.

digital art:

title: pain reference sheet.
date finished: june 2nd.
time: an hour and a half.
a reference sheet for my girlfriend's fursona, pain.

title: don't let them see you cry.
date finished: june 4th.
time: two and a half hours.
this is the digital version of a drawing that i did for my girlfriend and i. i am the ninetales, she's the houndoom. basically, i download the scanned image of the traditional version onto my computer and traced over it with my tablet in photoshop. together, the project took five and a half hours.

title: kitty reference sheet.
date finished: june 10th.
time: nearly two hours.
a reference sheet for my friend's fursona, kitty.

title: idk.
date finished: june 14, 2012.
time: about one and a half hours
ah this was crap i don't even. it's a vent of my shiny ninetales pokesona, starlight, that i have yet to make a reference of (she's actually an anthro, but this is a feral version i guess).

title: down with the sickness.
date finished: june 16th, 2012.
time: about an hour.
i was sick so i did this.

title: the little things give you away.
date finished: june 21st, 2012.
time: about an hour and a half.
all you've ever wanted was someone to truly look up to you...

title: you can do better than me.
date finished: june 22nd, 2012
time: about an hour.

title: razayka reference.
date finished: july 2, 2012.
time taken: nearly three hours.
this is a reference sheet for my fursona, razayka. depending on the skin you're using you might not be able to see the text because it's transparent.

title: the seldom seen kid
time: about an hour.
date finished: july 17.

that's all i'll show for now. i'd love some reviews and compliments!

i also have two deviantart accounts and a livestream account where i draw my digital art live. i have usually one livestream a week.

main deviantart account: wingsofstarlight
second deviantart account (my vent account where i post my vent artwork): an-illegible-mess

livestream: sinfuldiscoveries

thanks for viewing!
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