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Penance 'Defender' Malum

Penance smiled as Guardia informed him of how his plan went and he sighed in relief. "Good. I actually thought that there would have at least been one Sentinel there or some kind of surprise. Glad there wasn't." He chuckled as he looked at everyone and rubbed the underside of his bill. "Okay.... gather around everyone. We're going to have a plan once we're in there. First off, I need to know what the way there looks like Noctus as well as inside the city itself since it's been some time since I have been there. I need as many details as possible. Everything from the way we're getting in to everything that we can use. We need to take down each watchtower simultaneously so they don't alert the others. We'll find a way to get up there once we get there and we will go with two of us at each watchtower. Once we finish there we will head to the city. Noctus, are there places or rooms we can duck into in case some Ancients come by? How many Sentinels are there or are usually in the city? Which streets are patrolled at what times? Every single piece of information is key here. Also, can there be a way to get onto a rooftop? It would serve us well to be able to view the city from high up so that we can see where the Ancients are most active."

He looked around, "Now, the ambush was a cake walk. We got what we needed and got out without any loses. That is the best you can always hope for, but expect this to be brutal. We are heading right into their own territory. There is a extremely high possibility that we will need to split up once we get in there mostly so that if one of us is caught then we won't all be caught as well as that we need to do multiple tasks. I need someone to go door to door without being caught and alert the citizens to what is happening. We can't let any civilians get caught in the cross fire. We also need to see where the army is going to make its entrance from. We have to head over there once they get into the city since the Sentinels will no doubt head there as well to try and take the Generals out. If the Generals are taken out then morale will greatly deplete. We stay with the army and help clear the way for them and meet up with Dark Lightening as well."

He nodded some more, "First and foremost we clear the area of any bothersome Ancients. If a Sentinel comes we gang up on it. We should have some of the flying types in the army to act as messengers for us. If a Sentinel pops up they lead us to him and we focus on one Sentinel at a time. Take down one quickly and head to the next one. If a Sentinel does go after the army while we are busy only two of us will head to intercept. Only go and distract, don't fight him head on. We have power in numbers and their numbers are steadily slipping. There may be a chance, although slim, to find more Gold Tribe members in the city. We survived this long, there may be at least one other brother or sister hiding in there. If there is we find him or her and get them reinforced. As long as we take it smooth then we don't have to worry."

Penance paused, "There could be some consequences from the ambush though. Some Ancients could have fled and informed the Sentinels in the city of our actions and what traps we lay down. Those same traps could be used against us so be prepared for pit falls or even ambushes on the street and the Sentinels will probably know we are coming as well! They may be ready to try and divide us the moment we enter the city to kill us off. Don't let that happen! Everyone got it?" He asked as he looked around.