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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations due to it not getting much mainstream advertising. The storymode is ok, as you get different story's, and Killer Bee's isnt really a story, just a goof around story mode. It's not the same as the other Ultimate Ninja Storm games as with boss battles, but they have alot more charecters to offer. The newest DBZ game that came out took the boss battles from UNS and put it into their game, fighting Vegeta in his monkey form was awesome.

Another game I think WAS underrated before they got franchised and popularized was the Saints Row series. The first and second one left me wanting more, and they did with The Third, giving it an entire new storyline and city to takeover.

Before that, GTA: San Andreas hands down, best GTA game created. Sure it had the gang takeover thing which is where Saints Row came off, but it also had the biggest map in any GTA series, more missions then any I could think of, and alot more other stuff that was pure genius.

Of course people could say those are overrated, but at the times of their release(SR and GTA: SA) too me they were, and the Naruto games still are, but I can't stand hearing the english dubbed voices as I'm used to the original japanese voices.

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