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if you are keeping your 2 pokemon, remember to teach typhlosion thunderpunch and quagsire icepunch

some options:

-get mareep? decent electric type

-gastly may be difficult to train early on but later haunter/gengar owns.

-abra. kadabra/alakazam owns anything non-dark.

-also trade another abra for a machop in the goldenrod city giant mart. machoke/machamp owns anything non-psychic/flying in this game. Plus he levels up fast so you dont have to grind so hard.

-after you get surf, go to union cave on friday. surf to a new section of the cave. (you will find a trainer with kangaskhan in that new part) You can find a Lapras there. Ice beam rapes Lance's dragonites if you dont get icepunch.

-after reaching ecruteak and seeing bill in the center, go back to goldenrod to see bill in his house. He will give you a Eevee. Evolve it to Espeon (day) or Umbreon (night), unless you somehow have a stone.

-catch Scyther in the bug catching contest and evolve to Scizor. You have a badass pokemon.

-catch heracross by headbutting trees near caves. Another badass pokemon.

-graveler/golem is decent for ingame. So is Steelix