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I think the problem and the reason why so many fan games are never finished is exactly because of things like this. Aspiring game designers don't design their game.

1. YES! My game will have all the regions!

Think again. You're saying your game will have all the regions, with all its NPC's, that will have their dialogues, with all its houses, all its routes, all its Pokémon on their routes. Let's not talk about the events that should be to make them attracting and not just a bunch of maps with Pokemon to catch and people to talk with...not that easy unless you want to be the Tolkien of Pokémon

2. My Game will have all Pokémon from all Regions!

Tell me about how your hero will be able to walk around tall grass with so many Pokémon piled up on it. A normal route should have around 3 different Pokémon species. Not a bunch of different species so that you can "Catch them all"

3. My game will have like 2432434432423 NEW and AWESOME and UNIQUE features!

You know, this is a very personal opinion, but when i'm playing a game with a great storyline, i end up not giving a crap about how pretty the message boxes are or how advanced and unique the menu looks. Not saying new features aren't cool, but people. Common sense.

What do i suggest or want on a fan game, then?

1. Focus on a coherent, fun, solid storyline so that your game isn't a bunch of pretty pictures and nothing else.

2. Don't try to cover everything. Develop a cool looking, neat region with all its events, people, and details. Even two regions would be great, in the style of GSC, so that some characters can even have storyline bonds there (Gym Leader Jonah from Ruru Region has a friend on Tuyo Region, and they help you on X or Y event when you get there, etc.)

3. Develop a Pokédex. Pick your favorite Pokémon from each region and make a Balanced Pokédex with them, that way you'll be able to know where to put them, or to develop special areas for them. Also it will be easier to handle.

That way you'll have a great game, will be able to finish it, and people will actually enjoy it.

Just my two cents

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