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[9:19pm] SpeQzz:
time to
[9:19pm] shubshub:
[9:19pm] SpeQzz:
wank furiously
[9:19pm] shubshub:
[9:19pm] droomph:
uh right
[9:20pm] droomph:
[9:20pm] droomph:
[9:20pm] shubshub:
My Flashcard works
[9:21pm] SpeQzz:
does it contain
[9:21pm] SpeQzz:
wankable material?
[9:21pm] droomph:
it's called the Internet my good sir.
[9:22pm] droomph:
There's terabytes upon terabytes of wank material

sorry but I don't know how to take chat logs.

did u no there r 21 letters in the alphabet
o i forgot 5