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"The hell do you want Winston! Can't you see I'm busy here?" I scream at the top of my lungs as soon as one of my family's butlers barges into my room. (You may have known him as Alfred before, although I don't keep track of trivial matters such as servants' names)

The butler seems effectively puzzled… I guess I do usually stick to one name a day, but I was sort of focusing on… something else. "Young master you must come down to the bunker, there are news reports coming from Florida and Wisconsin… Meteorites are falling from the sky and impacting earth, sir!"

His assertion makes me want to roll my eyes. "Of course they're falling from the sky, where else would a meteorite fall fr… wait a minute, you said Florida and Wisconsin?!"

Alfred/Winston obviously has no idea what the correlation between these two specific places is. "Yes?" he asserts with a puzzled tone. He actually uses this tone pretty often… more often than necessary. It gets on my nerves. Then again, almost everything he does gets on my nerves. It's unnerving.

"Get out." I'm not sure whether this has anything specific to do with SBURB, but I do know that a meteorite impacting southern Florida should mean certain death for Vieve. What puzzles me, then, is why I can still see both her and her house still intact.

I zoom out from the screen, expecting to see something that could give me a clue as to what's happening in her neighborhood. I don't even know why I had zoomed in so far in the first place, actually.

… And now I have no clue what exactly is wrong about this picture, although if I had expected anyone to live in the middle of a jungle, it would have to be Candice.
-- babelsEngineer began pestering paintSplatter --
BE: Umm… Vieve…
BE: Are you okay?
BE: What's up with the jungle scenery?
Despite wanting to find Vieve to make sure she's fine, I realize that 'Page is pestering me again, and seeing as he is usually helpful (despite the bipolar nature to his pestering), I decide it's in my best interest to check what's going on with him next.
-- rampageTeller began pestering babelsEngineer --
RT: they got in just fine and I HELPED
RT: so now you think everything is fine and safe again dont you
RT: or do i have to explain it to you and save your asses again

BE: Man…
BE: What are you talking about, you didn't help for ****!
BE: You went to "sleep" or whatever, and now there's meteorites falling on Earth, and you want me to keep playing this ****?
BE: By the way, what happened to Vieve's house… I'm pretty sure her neighborhood wasn't a jungle before…
BE: Wait
BE: This game is some Jumanji ****, huh?
BE: Everything's real, and we're just ****ing **** up by playing it, and now everyone's going to die, because we, like idiots decided to open this goddamn file, huh!
BE: **** you!
Yeah… reeeeeaaal helpful.

But I have to keep into consideration that even in Jumanji, the only way to survive… is to win.

I go ahead and decide not to look at my own sky… that would require opening my blinds, or going outside… and I already know what I'm going to see!

Therefore, unanimously voting against freaking out by checking out the incoming piece of space rock that will surely fall right where my house is, I decide to do the second most obvious thing… download the client file.

Next thing I know, I realize that the INTO THE RABBIT HOLE memo has been updated. I had actually forgotten about it!
BV: hey...
BV: i need someone to be a server for me...
BV: oh, and theres a meteor above my house...
BV: so i guess i install the client now.

BE: Well, I'm right there with you.
BE: So don't expect /me/ to save you, I'm WAY more important than you anyways…
BE: d:
BE: Seriously though girls… help?

You may assume that every **** in my conversation with rampageTeller refers to fecal matter.