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Originally Posted by Daniel Evans View Post
Congrats on the Team Thread, Ryan. Here's a banner to commemorate the occasion.

HTML Code:
Use these codes, they won't bite.

Good uck with your hack!
Thanks so much dude. You're one great pixel banner designer.

Originally Posted by atif View Post
Yeah! It's up.
Mid, do you want me to replace White Kyurem's sprites over Reshiram's and Black Kyurem's with Zekroms. It is possible. I get the sprite files from B2/W2 and import them in B/W.
Thanks for the support atif & please do. I love the concept.

Originally Posted by kisergage View Post
Skill:can do everything but specialize in sprite editing and im not the best t scripting but i can do it if needed
Hacking experience:about 5 months
Time zone:East cost
Main contact style: PM

Let me know if i could be of any help
Which hack are you referring to? The current Black hack or the upcoming FireRed hack?

Originally Posted by tajaros View Post
Hey Mid, this is a sign up form for the next project....

Username: tajaros
Skills: Scripting, Mapping, Spriting, Hex Editing, Ideas, etc...
Hacking experience: 4 months? xD
Proof: Do I need one? xD
Time zone: GMT +8
Main contact style: PM/VM

This is for the FireRed hack...
Great. You have one spot reserved. I have many FireRed ideas so watch out.

Thank you all for supporting.