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Quote originally posted by Daniel Evans:
Congrats on the Team Thread, Ryan. Here's a banner to commemorate the occasion.

HTML Code:
Use these codes, they won't bite.

Good uck with your hack!
Thanks so much dude. You're one great pixel banner designer.

Quote originally posted by atif:
Yeah! It's up.
Mid, do you want me to replace White Kyurem's sprites over Reshiram's and Black Kyurem's with Zekroms. It is possible. I get the sprite files from B2/W2 and import them in B/W.
Thanks for the support atif & please do. I love the concept.

Quote originally posted by kisergage:
Skill:can do everything but specialize in sprite editing and im not the best t scripting but i can do it if needed
Hacking experience:about 5 months
Time zone:East cost
Main contact style: PM

Let me know if i could be of any help

Which hack are you referring to? The current Black hack or the upcoming FireRed hack?

Quote originally posted by tajaros:
Hey Mid, this is a sign up form for the next project....

Username: tajaros
Skills: Scripting, Mapping, Spriting, Hex Editing, Ideas, etc...
Hacking experience: 4 months? xD
Proof: Do I need one? xD
Time zone: GMT +8
Main contact style: PM/VM

This is for the FireRed hack...

Great. You have one spot reserved. I have many FireRed ideas so watch out.

Thank you all for supporting.