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1: Umbr30n
2: Avishka
3: Hikari10
4: Kanto_Johto
5: MidnightShine
6: Ninjagon
7: Olli97
8: Requility
9: Rodriguezjames55
10: TheFallenUmbreon+

1: A prankster who stalks people.
2: A person I've only seen in The Gender Race.
3: Silly Trivia Rival.
4: I've seen him before, never made conversation however.
5: Had a few arguments with on a conversation.
6: Someone who I rarely talk to.
7: Someone who I saw before, but no conversation.
8: Sort of Trivia Rival.
9: Had a discussion in Best Eeveelutions thread.
10: Quite a nice person who I know.
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