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Candice Greyson

Before my dad passes out, I remember a few words FLUFFRICKSPRITE had said: "Isn't it? As a panda bear, I might have preferred something less chilly and more jungle like, but as a plush toy, I'm actually feeling quite warm and soft still. I guess there is some kind of alien energy that powers me up now, too." The way he spoke was cute, and it only made Mr. Fluffy that much more cute!

"So... what am I supposed to do now?" I ask, hoping FLUFFRICKSPRITE knew. There wasn't much lead I can go on, and now that my dad had fainted and was now laying on the cold snow, my mind refused to think.

"First, let's get your father back inside," FLUFFRICKSPRITE says, lifting my dad with his strange brick-like arms. The way they looked as Mr. Fluffy used them, or FLUFFRICKSPRITE to be precise, was anime-ish. This game made everything so interesting and not boring, that every single detail just catches my attention. I followed my ghost teddy bear float back into our house, my feet feeling heavy with the snow that stuck to my clothing.

When we entered, the warmth inside the house surprised me. Wasn't it supposed to be cold? There was no electricity, or water, or anything that should be working. Confused, I walked over to the light switch and watched as the light turned on and off. Not able to believe this, I lazily walk over to the sink and gasped at the sight of the faucet still running. Checking over FLUFFRICKSPRITE, he puts my dad down on the couch before turning back to me.

"I am here to guide you," he says, face flipping back to the green one, "and to make sure that you gradually beging to understand the importance of the quest you have begun. It's a quest of magic. Candice." Smiling, I was left speechless by the words FLUFFRICKSPRITE had said. Magic. He really knew me, didn't he? Or was he just one to believe in magic too? I couldn't keep thinking since FLUFFRICKSPRITE continued with his speech. "The world you are on now is called LONAI. Land of Nomads and Ice. It is a world that has been waiting for you for a long time."

"F-for me? A long time? Really?" I stutter, trying to sink all this information in. The feeling when a dream was coming true was starting to grow, making my worries and fears go away. Soon enough, I was happy to even be talking to Mr. Fluffy, who was hovering RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. WHAT ELSE DID I WANT? FLYING PIGS? "Well in that case, I was waiting for an opportunity like this as well," I replied with confidence, staring out into the outside snow world. It started to snow, but that wasn't the only thing moving out there...

"I will tell you the story, bit for bit. But before I go further, I think you'll need to take out DAD'S BAT from your STRIFE SPECIBUS. We have guests." FLUFFRICKSPRITE's head turns red, making me grow alert. Of course, if this was a game, it had to come with enemies, right? Problem is, I didn't know what kind of enemies they were...were they scary looking? Cute looks that deceive? Huge? Tiny? With these questions in mind, I proceeded to take out the wallet with the STRIFE SPECIBUS. Right when I had taken out dad's bat, a knocking came from the door. Are those the guests FLUFFRICKSPRITE was talking about? Better check it out and see for myself who it is...

Opening the door slowly, I stare out into the distance...but there was-oh wait, they were shorter than I expected. Looking down, I was face to face, or front to front, with two strange imps. Their heads were red in color, and had the shape of FLUFFRICKSPRITE. The main body of the two was blue in color, while one of them had green arms and yellow legs, and the other one the opposite order. As much as I thought they were enemies, the way they looked was...adorable. Of course, their faces were strange and evil-like, but I couldn't help but just admire the colors they were made up. It reminded me a lot of those 8 bit games I used to play. It also makes me wonder if they were capable of hurting me or...

One of the them suddenly launches forward, making me close the door in their faces. Pressing myself against the door, so they couldn't get inside, I took a glance at the bat on my right hand. The entire time I was here, I felt...less heavy, and more agile. Not knowing why, an idea pops into my head. Might as well take advantage of my sudden increase in agility and strength, right?

"It's now or never," I tell myself, breathing in and out to remain calm. Wanting to protect my dad and the adorable FLUFFRICKSPRITE, I move out of the door and get ready for battle. Right when the door was slammed open, I jumped over the imps and run out of the house and into the white landscape. After getting some distance, I stop and lift the bat. The two imps were heading straight for me, their sharp teeth ready for biting. They also had claws, meaning they can scratch and probably grab the bat...but not...if I was fast enough. Waiting for them to get close, I grab a handful of snow with my free hand. Not knowing if they can dodge, I threw the snowball at one of the imps. Let's call him Junior. Anyway, Junior got hit with the snowball, which can obviously mean they probably didn't see that coming...or just can't dodge.

Waiting for the right moment to strike, I was surprised when they suddenly gained speed. One of the imps leaped high into the air while the other stayed on the ground. It was then that the fear jolted through me, making me swing the bat and impact the imp in the air. Sending it flying a few feet away, the other imp pushed me to the ground. Biting my left arm, I try to kick and hit it with the bat. It was no use, he wouldn't stop biting! The pain made me wince, and eventually I got a bit pissed that nothing could shake the imp off. I bite into the imp's arm, causing it to shriek and let go of me. I took the opportunity and kicked the imp hard, followed by a fast sweep of my dad's bat. Already I was tired, not used to such fights with two. This was unfair! But....exciting. The sound of somebody running in the snow caught my attention. Right when I turned, I was slammed down by the other imp that was hit with the bat as if he were a baseball. Biting the same exact arm the other one had bit, I force myself to stand up and try to shake the imp off. The pain was unbearable, and I had to do something unless I want to lose an arm. The other imp was heading straight for me, making an idea pop into my head. 'Maybe I can try that old trick,' I thought to myself. Waiting for the right opportunity, I start to bat the imp that was biting my arm. Right when the other imp made a leap for my neck, I instantly lifted my arm with the busy imp. The plan had worked. Instead of its sharp teeth puncturing my neck, it landed right on the busy imp's back, making it finally let go of my bleeding arm. The two landed on the white snow, my chance finally there. Without hesitating, I start to slam my bat at both imps. Unfortunately, after a few swings, I started to get exhausted. Putting all my strength in this last swing, I slam the bat down hard on the imps. Instead of seeing blood coming out of them and die...they...explode?! Exploding, strange blue gems got scattered everywhere. They were of all sizes, but the same shape. Not knowing what to do, I kneel down and painfully grab one...only for it to disappear. MAGIC. Left with my mouth open from amazement and wonder, I pick up and touch the other gems. Maybe they were just piling up somewhere or being collected...just like in the games! Yes! Probably! Not sure really, but I had to get myself to start thinking positive if I wanted to survive this game.

With an injured left arm, I enter my house and let the bat return back to the STRIFE SPECIBUS. The laptop was still in my room, and it was beeping like crazy. There must be a ton of notifications while I was out battling then. Not wanting to miss any hints in case it was Frauder or Veloci...or even any of her friends, I make my way to my room. Drops of blood made a trail from the battlefield outside, to the house, and now into my room. Well, that's anybody can find an injured girl in the middle of the snow. While I beat myself up about not doing anything of the injury, I type in the password to the locked computer and check out the explosive messages.

-- cunningFrauder responded to memo INTO THE RABBIT HOLE --
CF: We never had these! Awesome ;}
CF: Anyways, I know how this is supposed to work, honeys.
CF: Vieve must become Vinnie's server player, and Candice must become Ricardo's.
CF: The girls might be a bit busy at the moment though~~ ;}
CF: Let's hope they read this before their dear boyfriends go BOOM~!

-- paintSplatter responded to memo --
PS: Who's this Vinnie some new girl?
PS: Quite the catch must have been easy enough.
PS: Uhh, joke aside I'll be downloading the server version now.
PS: PS, I'm in some jungle place now how about the rest of you?

BV: Nah, still in Paris.
BV: oh, and everybody here is freaking out
BV: Might have something to do with the fact that THEY WILL DIE UNLESS WE HURRY UP
BV: But you know, its whatever. I can't hear your nonchalantness over the screams of thousands of my country men about to die.
BV: its whatever
BV: That was total and absolute sarcasm btw

-- viralBlaster began responding to memo INTO THE RABBIT HOLE --
VB: Don't worry about her.
-- viralBlaster banned cunningFrauder from memo INTO THE RABBIT HOLE --
VB: I can't see you anymore, Vieve. But I'm glad to hear that you survived.
VB: Contrary to the boys, I can see your city though. Or what is left of it. I'm sorry.
VB: And Candice's city too. Not as big devastation there, but her whole quarter is burning.
VB: Maybe there is a way to erase all this from history. Some ending that will make everyone survive, Vinnie.

-- rampageTeller began responding to memo INTO THE RABBIT HOLE --
RT: ****
VB: What I was starting to find out before things went wrong for us, was that even though some rules can't be broken, they can sure bend.
VB: Let's start bending now. There must be a reason we are able to contact you.[/color]
VB: You sure are grouchy ever since we fell out.
VB: I'm trying to help, aren't you?

VB: Let's take that discussion elsewhere.
VB: Yes. But

-- rampageTeller banned viralBlaster from memo INTO THE RABBIT HOLE --
RT: sorry but the nonsense letters would just have continued on

I had a whole paragraph ready if it wasn't for these strange people...I guess Frauder wasn't the only one helping, and now she got banned from the I type in my response to Vinnie and Vieve anyway, and then try to to these new people. Besides, Frauder was a way, despite her awful font color.

-- archaicMiracle responded to memo INTO THE RABBIT HOLE --
AM: So I guess I'm with Ricardo now?
AM: Am downloading it then.
AM: Oh no, not busy at all.
AM: Just got finished defeating some rainbow colored imps.
AM: They were beautiful though.
AM: But thanks Vinnie.
AM: I would have died if it wasn't for you, honest.
AM: I'm in some snow land. Just snow everywhere, and ice caves. Pretty simple, but calm.
AM: And I suppose there's more people I never met helping out?
AM: I actually find this very comforting.

While I was typing out in the memo, I had already downloaded the other file. I guess I should had to get a response from Ricardo now...oh wait, I forgot to respond to Vieve's! Instead of trying to continue where we left off, I start a new conversation with her.

archaicMiracle [AM] started pestering paintSplatter [PS]
AM: Oh um, sorry for not responding for a while...
AM: Was busy fighting some weird imps.
AM: They were beautiful though.
AM: No lying.
AM: I actually feel...uncomfortable being Ricardo's Server now though.
AM: Just thought I could talk to you about it...