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I am close to acquiring a copy of Emerald to play on an older DS Lite model that I acquired earlier today; I intend to eventually port my catches in there over to Black, or even White 2 eventually, so that I have a full Pokédex on both games for the purposes of a future Trade Shop (and will someday have my own thread over there for Gen. V games).

My question is not so much about Emerald or Fire Red as it is about something else, however. When I'm done with a Pokémon in these games (or if I decide I do not plan to use it), how do I go about importing them into a fourth generation game? As with Black (where the building to import is on Route 15, closed until after the first E4), do I have to finish one of the fourth gen. games before I can ever import? I know once I finish one of them I can have my other (SS or Platinum) on a second system and swap them over there, but for now my problem will be getting them into the fourth generation. If I need to connect a cable or something, I'll need to get that someday.

For now, I still have to play both SS (or Platinum) and Emerald before I can even think of importing, but this would be useful information.

I may be back in this forum to discuss Emerald more as I start playing it, but I want to start here with this query.


EDIT: I should clarify, I am trying to get them to Black eventually. I determined already that I will require two systems and got the one with GBA capabilities so I can cover all five generations with Emerald and Fire Red. I know you can import to a game on the same system, but I eventually want to move them to Black on the 3DS. Or White 2 once it comes out and I find some missing ones there.
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