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Hey guys. I just finished using Pokégen to get a new NU Sun Team. When I went to test to see if these Pokés were legal, it claimed my there was a problem with my Pokémon. I narrowed it down and found that these 3 were the issue. NOTE: The fact that I got these from Pokégen is not the issue.

Pokémon 1: Regirock @ Heat Rock
Careful nature
Met on 8/8/2012
Entree Forest
Fateful encounter (same with all of these)
Met @ lvl 1
Clear body ability
364 HP
ATK: 236
Def: 437
Spa: 122
Spd: 328
Spe: 135
Sunny day
T wave
Stealth rock
Rock slide

Pokemon 2: volbeat (no item)
Bold nature
Met on 8/8/12
On route 3
Fateful encounter
@ lvl 1
Hp: 334
Attk: 163
Def: 229
Spa: 130
Spd: 187
Spe: 205
Prankster Ability
Sunny day
Baton pass

Pokemon 3 (last pokemon): Victreebel @ life orb
Rash nature
Met on 11/24/11
@white forest
Fful encounter
@ lvl 1
Hp: 302
Atk: 246
Def: 166
Spa: 328
Spd: 140
Speed 237
Chlorophyll ability
Giga drain
Weather ball
Sludge bomb

I apologize for my grammar. I'm a bit in a rush. When I'm not I will edit the mistakes. Anyways I hope what you know what I mean. Also all these are level 100. Please tell me what's wrong with these Pokémon.
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