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Update 7#
I Battled Gary In The Pokemon Tower And He Was So Underleveld So I Was Able To Sweep Him With Aquaman

I Battled All The Ghosts In The Pokemon Tower Due To All My Pokemon Having Bite But Armor Did Most Of The Work Himself and I Battled The Marowak Who Died To Draga's Water Pulse

Then I Saved Mr.Fuji From Team Rocket And All My Team Members Did A Tag Team There and It Was Awesome

Then I Reliezed I Forgot To Pick Up The Fly Hm So I Backtracked To Celedon And Get The Fly Hm Which Was Spearow's Job to do Plus I Get The Tea Which Will Be Important Later on

Then I Fly To Lavender To Get The Poke Flute Then There Was Two Ways To Get To Fuschia City The Short Way Through The Cycling Road or The Long Way South off Lavender Both Are Blocked By Snorlax and I Took The Long Way

So I Battled All The Trainers in Route 12 Until I Get To The Snorlax and I Killed It To Procced More

So I Got The Super Rod And I Fly To Varmillion To Get My 4th and 5th Team Members Pincer The Krabby and Spinner The Staryu

In The Next Update I Will Train My New Team Members


Armor The Blastoise lv.37 (Blackglasses)



Water Gun

Brick Break

Draga The Gyarados lv.37

Dragon Rage



Water Pulse

Aquaman The Vaporeon lv.37


Water Gun

Ice Beam

Acid Armor

Pincer The Krabby lv.20





Spinner The Staryu Lv.19

Water Gun

Rapid Spin


Feraligatr and Krookodile Best Pokemon Ever
my pokemon alpha sapphire team