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Hey Everyone, sorry for my Hiatus. I will be returning regularly by the end of the week. As of right now, I have 3 annoucements.

1.I've seen the talk about the levels & the game is undergoing alot of changes in difficulty. It will be harder. I also understand the part about being very high by the end of the first region. I'll make adjustments on that when the time comes. But for Now, I just uploaded the latest Pokemon Dark Rising Beta 1 Patch to the main thread. In it, the difficulty of the trainers has increased and ALOT of tile errors and boarder block problems have been fixed. However, the changes are only to the battle with V at Atlantic Path. The patch with the rest of the beta's difficulty increase and tile errors fixed will be uploaded Monday when I return. Enjoy.

2.As some suggested, I've uploaded the main thread with more pictures for the hack showcase. I've been doing my own personal playthrough & fixing problems as I go along. Instead of just skipping to the events that were messed up, I'm going through the entire beta and making alot of changes and adjustments. Such as adding more people in Towns/Cities, more Buildings, script corrections, and of course, tile error problems.

3.For the people doing walkthroughs, I will be adding the link to your Youtube Accounts in the Main Thread by Monday. I also recommend downloading the latest patch with the difficulty increase.

That's all for now, thanks everyone for having patience with the hack as it is now. We're making progress day by day & great things are ahead for Beta 2.