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Chapter II
It's just a wild... HOLY CRAP!
Route 103, also known as the route you can't fully explore without Surf.

Vato and Frosty are walking, trying to avoid the tall grass. Frosty told Vato that he can only catch the first Pokemon he sees, and without Pokeballs, he won't be able to catch any Pokemon in the Route in case he spots any.

Vato couldn't help but to ask why. It makes the challenge more fun... Frosty replied with her cold voice tone.

Whatever he meant with the challenge remains currently unknown to Vato.

As he was about to reach the end of the Route, a wild Pokemon popped out. Crap! Vato thought, he then just decided to wait for the Pokemon: it was a Meowth.

"Well, at least it wasn't a Wurmple!" said Vato, "Frosty, Powder Snow!"

Vato turned around and saw Frosty was just lying his back over a tree.

"Frosty! What are you doing?!"

"It's a Meowth, for god's sake, just wait for it to leave!"

"Fine, I'll fight it myself!"

Vato kicked the Meowth right in his face, sending him flying towards a path of grass where Vato lost sight of it.

"Congratulations Vato," said Frosty, "You gained -5 experience points."

"Pretty funny, now come with me!"

"Nah, it won't be worth the effort of getting up."

A huge shadow covered Vato, he turned around, and he found a furious Sceptile staring at him.

"Is he the guy who kicked you?" The Sceptile asked. A Meowth popped out from the grass next to him.

"Yes, he is!" the Meowth said, trying to hold its tears.

"Now that is just interesting." Sceptile replied.

"Er... Frosty?" Vato said with a voice tone that could tell that he was scared.

"I'm busy reading the newspaper." Frosty replied.

"Wait, that doesn't make sense," Vato quickly replied, "You don't have arms!"

Before he could continue, Vato was punched in his stomach by Sceptile, and sent flying away because of the strength of the punch.

"Hey!" Frosty said, dropping the newspaper she was 'holding' upon seeing Vato lying in the grass, "I'm the only one who can do that!" Upon saying this, Frosty unleashed a huge Powder Snow that froze both Meowth and Sceptile. Frosty bit them both, causing their currently frozen bodies to shatter into pieces. Frosty slowly approached Vato, who was sill conscious.

"Thanks." Vato whispered.

"You didn't thought I would let you die that easy, did you?"

"Maybe?" Vato whispered.

"Get up," Frosty said while gently tapping Vato's back with her face, indicating him to stand up, "There's someone waiting for your arrival at the end of this Route."

"Who?" Vato asked after he eventually stood up.

"I won't tell you, it'll ruin the surprise." Frosty said after Vato was fully incorporated over his feet.

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