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Once Bay had a few seconds to observe Bay felt like his senses were horrible. He saw that the group was composed of two females, the one who seemed to be speaking to herself had a gargantuan belly that bulged almost as if she was pregnant, the other seemed to be watching her in disbelief.

"Maybe the one with the large stomach was insane?" Bay whispered to himself.

After what seemed like a minute Bay realized the large stomach one seemed to be talking to her stomach. Maybe that was why Bay thought the group had three people instead of two... because of what seemed to be a baby.

"Well... I don't think she will pose much of a threat if this does come to violence but the other female in the could."

As if he had the worse luck in the world his observation was dead wrong. The big bellied female turned around and stared near the location Bay hid: behind a tree.

"Dag! I choose the wrong person to undermine... that's okay, maybe she didn't see you..."

As if she was trying to prove him wrong she immediately she immediate called out "Hey what's wrong with you." and the sound of her voice seemed to project right to the spot he was hiding. Then and there Bay knew that he had underestimated the wrong person. She lowered her voice and whispered something but Bay only caught the word calm. The other female in the group seemed to catch on to where Bay was located just as quickly as the first, but she went on the offense quicker than anyone Bay had ever seen. She dove and did what seemed like a roll closer to the location Bay was at.

"She's a wielder." a voice said inside his head which no doubt was Flow. Flow knew that Bay could strategically handle himself but as if to remind Bay he told him "Try not to lose this."As if to confirm this she dug her fists into the ground and her eyes glowed different shade's of red. She snarled at him in a beast-like way, almost as if she wanted to rip him into pieces. Bay had never fought another wielder before, and this one seemed to be the worst one throughout the entire planet to pick a fight with him and to top that off this other one might be a wielder or a skilled fighter. The one with the glowing red eyes seemed to have as much agility and speed as Bay and to top that she definitely didn't waste any time to prepare for a fight.

Bay walked out from his spot, hoping that he wouldn't get painfully beaten like when he worked under the adults. He walked out with his hands by his sides ready to pull out his knife if needed, trying to keep calm and look for a way to win this. At once he realized he could try to play mind games like he used to play with Kenny.

"I really hope you aren't trying to outright pick a fight with me without knowing why I was following you." Bay said. "What if I was here to inform you of something of importance, or suppose I am an innocent kid looking for a home."

Bay said this to try to get them to hold off the fight to see if they were acting in self defense or if they were outright hostile and maybe catch a weakness or opening.


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