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"...wouldn't know. Up in sinnoh I'm more worried about a snowstorm burrying my house." Seph Tried to react as clamy as he could to hunter's scream and rapid response.

"Still be lucky you can sleep with the jet lagg I'm getting I won't sleep for a week." Seph muttered.

He went back to his seat and tried to close his eyes, but as he jsut stated he was too awake. It was still very early back in Sinnoh, and his schedule was all messed up. Not that it ruled his life, but everyone has a bit of order to their chaos. Right now Seph only had Chaos to his Chaos. He grumbeld to himself about airplanes and time zones then rolled over and curled up on the two seats (his and the one next to him) then half fell asleep half passed out.

The hearth always feels warmer after long absence.
It's good to be back.
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